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Founded in 2010, Nxtar Fiber Optic Security Co., Ltd. is the first to apply the high-sensitivity PIFOMIS(polarization insensitive fiber optic Michelson interferometric sensor) optical theory in Taiwan, and using optical fiber as a detection sensor,and independently developed high detection and low false alarms, smart, humanized, stable and reliable, the most advanced optical fiber intrusion detection system. It is suitable for residential and commercial small and medium-sized defense systems such as schools, communities, factories, collective farmhouses, and independent house. As well as It is an industrial defense detection system for various fences,barbed wire fences, and other large areas in airports, power plants, military bases, industrial areas, seaports, borders, prisons, oil pipelines,oil and gas tanks, petrochemical plants and other large areas. We adhere to the intelligent and humanized design concept, so we have developed innovative functional characteristics:

1) HARDZONE defense design---- Each zone of detection functions independently. Even if one zone is destroyed, the other zones still work perfectly to secure the remaining perimeter. Completely solve the fatal shortcomings of the destruction of one zone of the software partition (SOFTZONE), and the entire zone completely loses its defense function.

2) Zero power supply in the defense zone----the defense zone is an all-fiber structure, no power supply is required, and there is no danger of electric shock, lightning strike, leakage, and fire, and it can save the cost of outdoor power rack installation and maintenance.

3) Alarm logic parameter setting ---- Designed with signal strength, sensing period, and trigger times, the three major alarm logic parameters can be set according to different environmental noises, and different parameter combinations can be set achieve NRC regulations of more than 35Kg Intruders must issue high-sensitivity alarms and exclude false alarms of small animals and objects.

4) System self-checking function----When fiber is cut or removed, tamper alarm will be issued within 5 seconds. Meanwhile, the diagram with a spanner will be shown in Maintenance Mode to notice user.

5) Intelligent global noise filter----Within 1.6 seconds, the build-in advanced intelligent algorithm can filter out the increased global noise by comparing and analyzing N and S.

6) Optical power decay pre-warning & autogain----While fiber or optic components may malfunction, due to improper use, and leads to optic power decay, the system automatically enhance autogain 25 times within 5 seconds, making the system still work properly before repair . Simultaneously displays its overall optical path power attenuation status in Maintenance Mode.

7) Monitor mapping ---- User may download the map of the perimeter into to the software.The system can indicate the detection zones in accordance with the actual mapping to examine if there is any intrusion or tamper. 

8) Event log---It can record the time of intrusion alarm or system failure in each defense zone, and also record the time of abnormality in the connection between the detector and the computer.

9) Remote monitoring and diagnosis function ----The detection controller can be transmitted to the remote monitoring or maintenance center via the Internet, and the maintenance mode can be turned on for network connection such as system abnormal diagnosis and parameter optimization . Achieve global synchronous remote real-time diagnosis and fast maintenance service.

10) System integration interface design ---- The system can be integrated with CCTV, auto-dialer, access control, siren, searchlights, network video, police and civilian connections. and etc. (relay expansion module)